Mothers' Day. Sunday 10th march 2024. 
Father Louis gave each Mother a bunch of daffodils at the end of Mass in Tipton.



Ready for a wedding,  10th June 2023.

Altar  25th June 2023


Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes  June 2023

The altar of the Lady Chapel.

The four smaller statues are, on the left, St. John Fisher and St. Anne and,on the right, St Joseph and St. Thomas More.


The Altar in the First Church in Tipton.  Opened in August 1920 in an old Army Hut.

The Present Church was opened in 1940. Originally it had a flagpole, from which both the Papal Flag and the Union Flag where flown on special occasions as appropriate. 
The Statue of the Sacred Heart was erected in the early 1950s



Interior of Tipton Church as originally built.


The original Altar and Calvary. The plain decoration of the Calvary was in keeping with the 1930s style of architecture.


Mass was originally said with the priest facing away from the congregation.





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