Car Parking near Our Lady and St Thomas Church Dudley

Car Parking

Unfortunately the Church at Dudley does not have its own Car park and parking is a problem.  There is a small private car park in St Joseph Street, opposite the church which may be used at week ends, but it can only accomodate about 10 cars.

The nearest car parks would seem to be

Flood Street, DY2 8NT. (Short and Long Stay) These used to be extensive but with the Metro extension and development in the area they are much reduced. They do allow also for a reasonably easy access to the town.

King Steet, DY2 8RT. (Short and Long Stay) These are small and much reduced by the Duncan Edwards Leisure Centre.

New Mill Street, DY2 8PB. (Short Stay)  I’m not sure these have survived the development in the area.

All are about ten minutes walk from the Church.


 Once work starts on the new bus station in earnest, access to the church will be further restricted. We are using the rear of the church for parking on Sundays and we have been promised that the WM transport company organising the work on the Metro and bus station will build us a purpose built car park to the rear of the church.  We will put information about changes on this site, when we become aware of them.

I would be grateful to receive any comments about parking close to the Church, which would be useful to visitors to our Dudley Church. please send them to me by using the contact form for the webmaster which can be accessed here. Click here

The Church was well-served by buses because it is close to the now-demolished bus station.It will be at least eighteen months before the new one is built on the same site. meanwhile bus routes terminate at various places around the town.

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